Sydney’s Team for Sleep Apnea Solutions

The team at Sleep Remedy combine medical experience with practical innovation to provide sleep apnea solutions for Sydney. The Sleep Remedy team formed in 2006 when Registered Nurse, Sue Dougall, pursued a passion to provide equipment and support to sleep apnea sufferers. From a mobile service, Sue went on to buy out an existing CPAP supply shop in Campbelltown before opening a brand new store in Liverpool. With the combination of these two stores and a continuing mobile service, Sue is able to help people in and around Sydney who are suffering from sleep apnea.

Sue’s Sleep Apnea Campaign

Sue has worked in the sleep industry for more than 20 years, and is also a registered nurse. Sue aimed to set herself apart from competitors by doing more than just offering machinery. Sue’s medical background helps provide a level of care to her customers that other distributers  can’t match. Her service isn’t just about equipment, it’s about people. Sue’s industry experience also helps Sleep Remedy to supply other equipment not usually provided by a standard CPAP equipment shop, such as in-home medical humidifiers and specialisedbilevel machines.

Sleep Apnea  products

Sleep Remedy provides sleep apnea sufferers with equipment, education and support to manage and treat their condition in a more holistic manner. We refer to and/or liaise with doctors, sleep labs and a sleep psychologist to provide the best treatment outcomes for all of our patients.We not only supply CPAP machines, masks and accessories, but also alternative treatments to CPAP (for those unable to tolerate CPAP equipment), such as Provent Therapy, a temporary Mandibular Advancement Splint, and positional sleep apnea therapy devices. With offices in Campbelltown, Liverpool and a mobile service, Sleep Remedy is conveniently placed to support sleep apnea sufferers in the South and South West Sydney region.

Patient Privacy

We at Sleep Remedy believe that every patient is entitled to privacy regarding their health status. We do not reveal customer details to anyone. We are, however, required to send reports to your referring doctor (or sleep technician) at the end of a referred treatment trial.

Sleep easier with Sleep Remedy. Get in contact today on 02 4625 8988 or 02 9602 2134